The Horseless Horsemen.

Paul Campbell

Good horsemanship is not only knowing how to ride, but also involves caring for the animal properly. That's why the Horseless Horsemans' Association is sponsoring the "adopt-a-Hack" program and a series of lectures designed to promote good horsemanship. The purpose of the horseless horseman's association is to provide those who do not have the privilege of owning their own horse the opportunity to ride, show and learn to take proper care of the animal. The association will be sponsoring lectures, special programs such as "adopt a hack" and a musical ride for individuals, or Kur, which is planned for the spring. In addition to lectures, shows, activities, and special events, all those who become members of the association are automatically members of the USDF and receive membership cards and all the benefits of USDF membership. The "adopt a Hack" program kicked off on Sunday Jan 5 with a lecture by Sue Mercil. The lecture covered the proper methods for taking a horses temperature, respiration, and pulse and proper record keeping. The next lecture, Music, Rhythm and Timing, in preparation for the Kur rides, is to be held Sunday Jan. 12th at 2pm at Sweet Hollow hall. Upcoming lectures include: Wrapping and Bandaging with Christine, Long reigning with Laura, Pulling and Braiding with Diana, Western Showing with Lucy, Safe Loading and Trailoring With Linda, Teeth and Ageing with Barbara, Shoeing with Jesse, Lounging with Christopher, Police Horse training with J.D. as well as a surprise lecture by Karen Dvorskin. Many of these lectures will be scheduled prior to the show season and will enhance rider performance and safety. In addition to lectures, the association also has educational field trips planned. We will be traveling to Manhattan with J.D. to see police horses at work, as well as to an equestrian medical facility, and also a trip to see how the program for handicapped riders works. All these lectures, Field trips, as well as the Kur ride and adopt -a-Hack shows are included with membership in the association. The association is also sponsoring the "Paint a Rock" contest. Find a rock from the indoor that reminds you of a person or thing, and get creative! The contest runs from now till Jan 31st and will be judged Feb 2nd. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative rocks. Get painting! Yearly Membership in the Horseless horsemans' association is $50 for individuals and $75 for families, with some of that fee going to the USDF for membership. For more information on the Horseless Horsmen contact Sue Mercil or Barbara Margolies or E-mail